Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sneek peek...

Well I guess this is a large sneek peek but I have loved every single shot that I have edited so far!
These pics are from a shoot I did last night of my brother's girlfriend Sicily. She is so beautiful!!! We made Trev jump in for a few shots which he was not too excited about but I think they turned out good!
Thanks again Sicily, love ya!

As always tell me what ya think!


  1. She is beautiful! What awesome pictures! I know her...I taught school to her :-) Tell her HI for me!

  2. Laci those pics are great! Where did you take them? I love the location. How much are you charging? I would love to get my boys done.


  3. Girl. I had no idea you did this for real. (because everyone now thinks they do photorgaphy but they really don't) I love these pictures! Have you been taking classes? I want to set something up for Isaac. After his hair grows out. We did a mohawk and it's too grown up for me right now.

  4. Okay Sicily is seriously SOOO gorgeous! Not fair, I freakin love her hair! I wish mine looked like that when I let mine go curly! Those pictures are AWESOME!!! That one of her and trev where trev is looking away and she is looking at the camera needs to be blown up and framed, and then used as an "engagement photo" eh!!!!!! haha! No but seriously that is a way cute pic of them, I love it!!! They make such a cute couple!